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  1. We have released version 5.0.0 with the following bug fixes/new features:

    Release 5.0.0
    – adapted to work on lates operating systems
    – adds basic Virus TI support. Sounds from TI or legacy Virus types can even be mixed in one session.
    – adds support for Midi channel pressure messages
    – fixes an issue that could crash the application on OSX > 10.14 while opening menus with embedded images
    – fixes device id issue with more than one Virus hardware connected in a Midi chain. To achieve this, the stand-alone version must be started with a path as a string parameter e.g. “VCommander64.exe virus1”. With this, the settings file for this particular virus will be created in [WIN] “C:\ProgramData\virus1” or [MAC] “/Users/USER/Library/Application Support/VCommander/virus1”
    – fixes loading settings files
    – fixes loading definables files
    – fixes missing GUI element in settings page
    – fixes loading Multi files (*.mid and *.syx)
    – adds 2 camouflage-like skins
    – adds customizable hotkeys
    – improves user dialog handling
    – fixes OnScreen keyboard to allow playing it via computer keyboard once it has keyboard focus
    – adds Midi channel adjustment for Keyboard input. If enabled, the incoming Midi channel
    will be re-routed to the current global Midi channel (Single Mode) or to the current active Multipart its channel
    – improves visibility of controls not being available for the selected Virus type. Unavailable controls will now be visible but
    disabled to provide better overview.
    – Single- and Multimode manager now recall vertical position on edit mode change

  2. We have released version 4.0.4 with the following bug fixes/new features:

    Release 4.0.4
    – Controls had a menu issue in channel strips – fixed
    – More meaningful file icons
    – More QuickTips added
    – Dependency check re-written
    – new menu to find any Multi patch containing a
    particular Single patch (right-click any Single patch its link icon)
    – BlockCopy icons removed in Multimanager
    – Single manager did not allow to drop Multipart manager items -fixed
    – Clipboard did not allow to drop Multipart manager items – fixed
    – SOLO mode not sending Midi messages – fixed
    – Transpose control added next to the On-Screen keyboard
    – UI update issue – fixed
    – Switching edit mode back and forth could crash the application – fixed
    – Patch Lock added. A locked patch can still be edited in the memory but the
    edits won’t be saved to disk or to the host project file. You can always restore
    an edited but locked patch by simply double clicking it. Lock or unlock a patch
    from its menu.

  3. Hi,

    we’ve had an issue with downloading the demo application. This was due to an update of the underlaying script. If you haven’t received an email with the download link, please try again. It should be working now as expected.

  4. We have released version 4.0.3 with the following bug fixes/new features:

    Release 4.0.3
    – In Ableton, the plugin sends Active Sense Midi messages
    to the host to keep the plugin’s processing alive if UI is closed
    (only important for users sending Midi clock or MTC from the plugin)
    – Turned off compare mode for channel strips (was turned on by mistake)
    – Single-Compare-Mode now indicates compare results also inside the
    Editpage-Select buttons by a small rectangle
    – Some performance optimization
    – Clipboard header wasn’t included in search results – fixed
    – Single patch compare reference area is now understanding Drag&Drop
    – Even more QuickTips added
    – Fix for not informing the user if a file to load is corrupt or invalid
    – Filebrowser didn’t remember the last active favorite file folder on application startup – fixed
    – Set DeviceID didn’t update hardware – fixed
    – Plugin version conflict fixed for AU (Logic)
    – Fix for loading Ti series Midi files

  5. We have released version with the following bug fixes/new features:

    – 2 new color themes for full size mode
    – Fix for parameter change prevention if you try to edit a Multipart that shares
    its Midi channel with other Multiparts
    – File reading now provides detailed information if you miss to specify
    a target patch for the file read operation or if the file type you want to load
    is not supported in the particular program manager
    – Possibility to rename and comment Clipboard group headers
    – QuickTips added
    – Fix for browsing not existing file locations
    – Fix for “Filter Select” menu
    – Global parameter “Panel Destination” added
    – Global parameter “Keyboard Local” added

  6. Hello,

    we apologize for our website having been down for a while but we’ve had a hacker attack and needed a professional service to clean it up.
    The website is now secure again and will NOT harm any visitor so feel free to read through the pages and download the trial versions of VCommander.

    Sorry for any inconvinience that may have occurred!

    The solar3d team

  7. Post

    A new feedback from one of our clients….

    Ich war auf der Suche nach einem guten Editor für meinen Access Virus B.
    Nach kurzer Zeit im Netz bin ich auf Solar3d-Software gestossen!!
    Habe es mir gekauft und erstmal gestaunt was man alles damit machen kann.
    Alle meine Erwartungen wurden übertroffen!!!
    Nach einiger Zeit kommt man auch recht gut zurecht. An der ein oder anderen Stelle
    hatte ich dennoch Fragen.
    Das war absolut kein Problem, habe den Support kontaktiert und prompt meine Fragen beantwortet bekommen.
    Muss dazu sagen, dass es der beste Support ist, den ich in Sachen Programm und Musik bis jetzt bekommen
    Sehr hilfsbereit und super vermittelt, wie und was man alles mit dem Programm anstellen kann.
    Seitdem kann ich meine Sounds super organisieren und habe einen schnellen Zugriff auf alle Parameter und
    Das Programm ist sehr sinnvoll um z.B. Bass, Lead´s, Percussion´s, usw. zusammen zu fassen und zu speichern.
    Zusätzlich gibt es sogar noch einiges an Sound´s dabei!!!

    Kann ich nur jedem Virus-Besitzer empfehlen!!!

    DJ Stefan Fortuna

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    Update is out now

    To download the full version, please use the download link from your registration email.
    The latest trial version can be obtained from the download area.

    Version is rather a maintenance update and hopefully fixes
    some of the bugs of the previous versions e.g:

    – Copy protection now looks for all available MAC addresses in the system
    – Saving a Session now properly updates the Session name inside the info label
    – Renaming a sound program now properly updates the Program name inside the info label
    – Settings “Slider Drag Mode” renamed to “Knob Drag Mode” and fixed an issue when
    loading VCommander the first time
    – VCommander is now listening for “Program Change” messages from Midi inputs
    and updates the Virus accordingly
    – Multipart Solo state now reset properly when activating a new Multiprogram
    – Fixed Key zone range issue for Virus models below C
    – Plugin automation performance issue fixed
    – Fix for wrong interpretation of the “Select Filter” value by the UI
    – Updating search results on Patch exchange fixed
    – Fix for bypassing unused Midi Controller messages such as Pitch Bend etc.
    – Fix for repainting issue after resizing
    – Fix for use of multiple instances in a DAW

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    Update has been released

    Version includes the following bug fixes and new features:
    – “Link Editpage To Midi In” option implemented.
    This let the edit pages 
follow the incoming Midi-Controller messages
    – Midi message input splitter added to split incoming messages
    to different Multiparts (advanced Multi sound designing)
    – Arrow-Left key now copies a block of parameter to the current active 
sound patch
    – Arrow-Right key makes the selected sound patch active
    – Fix for reading Midi files containing Multi programs
    – Fix for un-responsive Menus in DAWs
    – Fix to pass keystrokes (i.e. Space) in Ableton
    – Example files updated

  10. Vcommander rocks! I’ve been searching and searching for a way to incorporate my Access Virus C into Ableton for the longest time. Since Sound Diver is no longer supported, I’m so thankful to have found this solution. It’s amazing to have the ability to adjust and automate all those parameters in my DAW, to save, back up and rename patches and even have multi support. Thanks so much!

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    Hey, version ist out now with the following bug fixes/new features:

    – Sync process re-written to avoid timeout message “Expected SysEx dumps message missing”
    – Loading Midi files fixed
    – New color theme “Persian Indigo”
    – Support for “Definables” (Soft-knobs)

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    We have released version with the following bug fixes/new features:

    – Program request delay time increased to 500 ms. This makes synchronization slower but should avoid
    message “Expected SysEx dumps message missing”!
    – Plugin version now receives keystrokes to allow text or value input using the keyboard!
    – Virus auto configuration optimized
    – Possibility to run VCommander in a smaller size to fit smaller screens
    – Five color themes available
    – Possibility to set the mouse drag style for controls (circular, horizontal, vertical, horizontalVertical)
    – Searching by name and category simplified.
    – Number of search results is now displayed along the scrollbars
    – Favorite folder buttons are now showing its path in the status bar when mouse is over the buttons
    – Single program support finished in clipboard incl. category support
    – Support for real-time Midi messages e.g. Pitch-bend or pedals
    – Analogue filter styles removed from Filter2 (Virus C)
    – Minor bug fixes

    Known issues:
    – Midi file import doesn’t work

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    The first minor update has been released

    – Input restrictor (patch name and save file as) added to match the character set of the Virus
    – “Save Settings” button renamed to “Export Settings” because this doesn’t save the settings
    into the property file or host project! but as Block file to disk.
    – Useless ability to register a Trial version removed
    – Some user dialogs now have a more meaningful description of what they do
    – New button “More…” replaces the old button “Global” and provides shortcuts to sync
    hardware and software or to download or upload complete sound banks etc.
    – Reverse Scrolling fix

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